Credit Information (click here for music)
Hey, guys.  Unlike the credit information I had at my old site, "The Mansion of Little Tokyo", this list is rathered limited.  First up, the THANKS.

Thanks to those who have linked to my site, including Guido Cerviche and SPCPolly.  That is much appreciated around here.
Thanks to Princess Vi for dealing with my problems in a straightforward way, such as when I was having site problems in January 2001.   Also a big "thank you" for getting me connected to the Webring and for being responsible for a great newsletter. *smiles*
Thanks to Blackjack and Jonas Miles.  The now-defunct SPC Labs and the Lair were both superb websites, and inspired me (in a sense) for this site and my old "Mansion".  Blackjack, if you're still out there, thanks a lot.  We still remember you.
Thanks to a certain family relation for bookmarking this site on his browser.  If he's reading this, he likely already knows who I'm talking about.
Thanks to my friend Cid Highwind for helping me develop my characters Wildcat, Zapana and Aldonza through "The Game".  Cid, if you're reading this, my fleet and officers will be undergoing a little revamping.
Thanks to my friend John for linking to this site and for being one of the people who understands what I went through at school.  By the way, I don't think I mentioned this to you, but I thought those ships you drew for "The Game" back then looked pretty cool.
Thanks to Rice Cat for that background on my "TB: Prologue" page that you gave me long ago, as well as the compliments for the "Mako Chain Reaction" character, Ryder Rambo.
Thanks to my cats, Sabrina and Drew, for not walking across the keyboard and getting hairs stuck between the keys.  Also, thanks for being perfectly good stress relievers. >^_^<

And now, the NO THANKS.
No thanks to Frontera Corporation, who trashed my old "Mansion" and wiped it off the Highway.  Oh well; I have more disk space here at Tripod, anyway.
No thanks to all the cheaters who rushed me in Starcraft's  Cheapskates.
No thanks to the PC in my room which is starting to get on my nerves. Why else would it reset itself or switch itself off after several minutes? *mutters something about motherboards*
No thanks to all the zoo animals that were my 3rd-and-6th-hour high school classmates for picking on me for no reason.  However, I DO thank you for the fact that if it weren't for you, I wouldn't have anyone to vent my sarcasm on.
No thanks to my family's dog, Abigail, for being a major pain in terms of finance and hyperactivity.  I thought it was bad, but I wonder what Drew and Sabrina's reactions are to all this.

That's that.  Enjoy the rest of this place.