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The Courtyard (click here for music)
**The courtyard is a rectangular-shaped area based on the first floor and situated inside Headquarters itself.  It has a grassy area, a paved area, and a small pond.  A small staircase in the background connects the courtyard to the third floor.  Aldonza is stretched out on a lawn chair next to the pond, staring at the stars in the sky through the courtyard's glass ceiling.  A patio table, a link cable, and a "Game Boy Advanced" sit next to her**
**stretches** I love being in here.  This is where I go to relax and get away from everyone.  It's air-conditioned, and only a few go in here when they feel like it, since they're usually out and about throughout Little Tokyo, etc.  The only annoying thing about all this....**glances at a window, annoyed** the fact that Bruin Fuseball is always playing "Super Mario Bros" in one of the surrounding bedrooms whenever I'm in here, hence the background music you heard when you first entered.
Of course, I go down here for other reasons.  Whenever any of the denizens that live here care to challenge me in a Pokemon link battle, this is where I go; and so far, with the exception of a loss or two to Wildcat and Zapana, my track record's pretty good.  Who knows?  I just might organize a tournament and----
**interrupts herself and groans** What am I doing?  You didn't come here to listen to me chatter; I know.  You came because you wanted some general tips on playing the Pokemon games and beating people, right?  Right.  Here's what I have for you so far.

Aldonza's Top Ten Tips --- Overall tips for training and battling.  This is directed to those who already have some playing experience with the GBC cartridges.  You can also access this link via the Fanfiction Library.
Return of the Tips --- More tips here, except that these are primarily for the more recent Sapphire and Ruby cartridges.

Beating the Legends --- Having problems beating those blasted legendary Pokemon?  Here are some guidelines to battling with them, as well as actually facing them down in battle.

More on the way, ok?  In the meantime, I'll have Ambush Cat's Umbreon, Swift, knock you back to the third floor entrance.  He's a little annoying at times, but he has his moments.