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Pokemon Hazards
Click on the above picture for my theme music, chosen from Megaman 5.

**Wildcat is calmly walking through the Headquarters.  At that chosen moment, Aldonza dashes by and comes to an abrupt halt in front of him**
**cheerful** Hi, Curtis!
**calmly** You discovered what I put up on the Headquarter's web site, didn't you?
**cheerful** You bet!  Thanks a ton, kid!
**smiles, with jaws showing** You realize, of course, that this doesn't mean you're still better than me, right?
**scoffs** Ha!  I could beat that team of yours any day of the week!
Heh.  In that case, WHY did it take you TWO weeks just to beat my Silver team?  And my guys weren't even at maximum power.  Face it, Aldonza; you're pathetic!
**growls** Just get Mu 2 to list the first few chapters of that okay?
Roger Wilco.
Chapter One

And, for those of you interested in seeing my old Silver Team and how Aldonza beat it, click here.
**sniffs** Hmph.  Just be sure to read my Top Ten Tips to success in the Pokemon series of games while you're at it.