Intermediate Info
   Three cats.  Three cats in armor and with mean swords.  Three cats that know how to cook pizza with double pepperoni.  Are you thinking what I'm thinking?  That's right: these are the Samurai Pizza Cats we're talking about.

   The main group consists of the comedic leader, Speedy Cerviche, who lives up to his name; the suave Guido Anchovy, and Polly Esther, a frying-pan wielding fatal female.  Whenever their commander, Big Al Dente, detects danger, he contacts the Cats via telephone.  Francine, the Cats' manager at their pizza parlor, the "Pizza Cat", launches them towards trouble through the clock tower-turned cannon, usually giving them a building to crash through in mid-air.  

   The SPC aren't alone in their crime-stopping duties.  Whenever things cat too hot for them to handle, they have a Rescue Team to call on.  Each one matches a certain elemental property: General Catton, fire; Spritz The Cat, water; Bat Cat, air; Meowzma, earth.  They know how use their weaponry in the right situations to thwart the main villains in the series.  And, if things get especially tricky, the main Cats have backup in the form of a robot, the Supreme Catatonic.

  Speaking of main villains, there are three main ones.  The first one, Seymour "Big" Cheese, is supposedly a rat (although in the Japanese version, he's a fox).  There are also his assistants, Jerry Atric and Bad Bird, two crows that are more evil than the Big Cheese himself.  They are usually the ones behind the cheap robots sent out to destroy the city.  From time to time, they also contact the Rude Noise, a group of hard-rocking crows that can give the Cats a scare at times.

   This is, possibly, one of the funnier cartoons that we at the Headquarters have seen to date, although it only lasted 50 episodes total.  To give out more information on the individual cast members, we've got a few profiles up.  Feel free to look at them.  Remember: the pics and WAVs within here were not made by Wildcat; he found these in various places on the Internet that either no longer exist or are extremely out of date.  Also, the MIDI file in Francine's page has been dropped in favor of the WAV.  The names in parenthesis are the characters' Japanese names, which were obtained through Wildcat's personal knowledge and a monthly newsletter (in the case of the Big Cheese).  Enjoy, people.

Speedy Cerviche (Yattaro) Bad Bird (Karamaru) Seymour "Big" Cheese (Koon no Kami)
Guido Anchovy (Sukashi) Jerry Atrick The Dollar-a-Day robots
Polly Esther (Pururun) The Rude Noise
Francine Manx (Otama)
General Catton
Bat Cat
Lucille (Omitsu)
Princess Violet (Usa-hime)
Empress Frieda
Emperor Fred
Big Al Dente
The New York Pizza Cats
Guru Lou