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Major Projects

KITTENS OF CHAOS ----- The whole kit 'n' kaboodle is up.  Two kittens and a powerful mob boss plot to defeat the Pizza Cats and take over the world.  Overused plot, I know that.  Just read; it took Wildcat the better part of 6 months to finish this!

TIME BOLT -----  A former Super-Cat is trying to get peace and quiet in the best way he can: by removing the Pizza Cats and Wildcat and scattering them through various animated and electronic dimensions.  Presently on hiatus.

LIVE AT THE LIVE HOUSE ---- Teasy Melika's comedy sketches; the ones that hurt us more than they hurt him.  His puns can be a double-edged sword, with everyone else getting both edges of the blade.  One sketch currently up.

*What* Insertion? -----  When you have problems, you deal with them. In that case, Phibrizzo has a LOT of problems: he has a sarcastic half-human and a fat college kid wandering around in his head, he's just been blasted into another universe, he has to experience what life is like for a typical Japanese 1st-grader...and that's just for breakfast.  The Prologue and the first two chapters are up. The files are now in HTML format, so read and enjoy.