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*Later, outside the Palace, Ami and Yumi are discussing various arrangements with Teasy.  A platform is in the middle of being set up*

...So, my brother Chico's going to be the opening act at around 7:30.  He'll play piano for about ten minutes, and then Lucille's going to shoot off a few fireworks, and that'll be the signal for you two to appear.  We've asked a few Ninja Crows to act as security guards---

*interrupts* Lucille?  Who's she?

A sweet young lady who happens to be Little Tokyo's explosives expert. *chuckles* She keeps this box on her head that shoots off missiles whenever she gets stressed out.

...Could you run that by me again?

...A female ram with an explosive centerpiece on top of her head.  Stay away from her when she gets mad.  The city's former Prime Minister found that out a few times already.

That seems weird, even for here.

*spots Lucille walking by* Hey, Lucille!  Come over here for a second, would ya?

*walks over* Hi, Teasy.  What is it?

*indicates Ami and Yumi* We have a couple celebrities over here.  You know, that J-Pop duo that's gotten popular in recent years?

*sees the two of them* You mean...that's Puffy Amiyumi?!  This is an honor!  I can hardly believe this!  *eyes shimmer*  I...I... *case opens*

*fur stands on end* Hit the dirt!

*The three of them dive to the ground, just in time as a missile barrage blasts through the air in all directions.  Several of them explode near the platform, demolishing it and smothering everyone in dust and ash*

*coughs* ...Okay, now I believe it.  Looks like you're gonna have to rebuild that platform...

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Upward and onward
*a bit calmer* Teasy, why didn't you tell me they were here before?

...You mean you didn't get that notice?  We asked you to signal the end of Chico's act when he performs later!

Yes, but you never said what for.

*sighs* I'll explain later.

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Rest pain-free, pup. Good-bye.

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