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The Pro Files (click here for music)
This is Mu 2, the Mansion's supercomputer.  Clicking on the names below will to send you to a profile of that character in S.I.D.  Click the picture links in the profiles for the music; or, if you just want to listen to the music for this section, click on that little spot up at the top of the page (it's my own theme music).  Carlos Cosmos and Bruin Fuseball are the only ones missing from this page, but keep in mind that it's not my fault; it's Wildcat's for not preparing them in the first place.

By the way, a short list of pros, cons, and factoids have been included with several profiles. Just thought I'd let you know.

Aldonza Karate
Ambush Cat
Curtis Wildcat
Mu 2
Teasy Melika
Thunderball Visello
Zapana Zquor